Green Loop

Green Loop


Locatie: Coalville, Marea Britanie


The GREEN Loop is a building that focuses on the development
of a healthy living and working environment, trough
the presence of biophilia throughout the whole building and
the surrounding area.

The concept of the building is to create a “vertical garden” which allows the maintain the 3 main steps.

The idea of the building is to create an environment for the residents, that provides a comfortable living space, that molds into the existing urban tissue of Coalville.

The idea of connections is visible throughout the purposed floor plans, by the link created to the pedestrian road, the link to the church, and the “heart” of the building created by the square directly connected to the shared space of the city center.

The idea of the building is to provide a permeability that allows people to access with ease the perimeter of the residential but also the commercial area.

The openings within the commercial space allow the visitors to see a glimpse of what is happening in the square, thus inviting them to explore the new space.

The quality of the square is enhanced by a film of water, that together with the plants growing on the building create an urban green garden, in order to enhance the visitors experience in the space.